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CannonxReader Fics

Once again, fandoms are limited, please check my 'Pairing Fanfics' for a list of fandoms that I can use. Please ask if you have one in mind that is not listed.

I'm willing to make a fic of just about any CannonxReader. I will not do anything that is NSFW, don't ask. I can do any version of a character or any version of Reader (such as Depressed!Reader).
OC Fics
For this, I will do either Cannon/OC or just a story about your OC. I ask that you give me several details about your OC for this. A list will be included below. ALSO NOTHING NSFW, don't ask.

As with the pairing fanfics, I have a limited number of fandoms, please look at the ones listed in 'Pairing Fanfics' for a list of my fandoms on hand. As with that one, if you don't see the fandom you may want, please ask me about it.

This also includes Songfics (but I ask that I receive an extra 5 points via donations, as songfics for OCs are a bit of a challenge)

~OC Details~
Gender they identify as
Hair color
Eye Color
Clothing choice
Pairing Fanfics
If you would like a fic about a pairing you don't see too often or just one that you can't get enough of, I'd be happy to write it. I'm also open to doing Songfics.


Unfortunately, I have a limited amount of fandoms to choose from;
Soul Eater
Black Butler
Kingdom Hearts
Fullmetal Alchemist

If you don't see the fandom you're looking for, please ask me about it. I may have forgot to list it!
Original or Cannon Characters
Commission 1 - Jade - Homestuck by ShadoeKat
The Scar Child, Taz and Aliaga by ShadoeKat
Dave: Sing to Your Boyfriend by ShadoeKat
For this I will only do human OCs and cannon characters (and trolls/fantrolls for you Homestuck fans!). For OCs, I ask that you provide at least two (2) references. If you do not ask for a background, they will be drawn with a solid color as the background. If you do ask for a background, I ask that you don't make it anything complex, only simple settings or designs as a background.

You may pick between a more anime-like style, chibi or semi-realistic.
As for how many you may ask for; 1 for a full body. 2-5 for chest up and chibi.
If you ask for 3, 4 or 5, the price increases to 25, 26 and 27, respectively. Any additional points must be added to my donation pool.

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But I'm always open to donations!!!


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Cosplay Plans

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So, I finished my Dirk Cosplay, though I forgot to write about it. I also just Hetalia The Beautiful World on Tuesday and watched it with my friend and boyfriend yesterday ^^ I do have an updated cosplay list for Matsuricon, if I get to go, though. So, without farther ado, here's my list as of a few days ago:

:bulletgreen:Deanna Winchester (Fem!Dean from Supernatural) - 85% (Missing tank top and temp tattoo)
:bulletorange:Dirk Strider (Homestuck) - 100%
:bulletgreen:Jake English (Homestuck) - 90% (Need at least a tank top with his symbol)

There is a slight possibility that I may switch from Jake to Roxy or Punk!Rose, if I don't get his shirt done in time. These were listed in no certain order and I most likely will cosplay Deanna on Saturday as the most people are usually at cons on Saturdays. I may even end up not doing a third cosplay and just wearing a shipping tee shirt (as I have one in mind). Anyway, this is the only update I have for now but be on the look out for more updates as school and Matsuricon come closer c:
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